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ወፍ in English check_circle

[ wef ] volume_up

ወፍ means:

Part of Lessons in: Animals

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ተዛማጅ ቃላት / Related words to ወፍ

What does ወፍ mean?

ወፍ means bird.

How is ወፍ pronounced?

ወፍ is pronounced wef

Words near ወፍ

ወፈፌ ወፈረ ወጪ ወጨፎ ወጥንቅጥ

ወፍ ዘራሽ ወፍራም ወፍጮ ወይነጠጅ

የሚጀምሩ ቃላት::

የሚያልቁ ቃላት::