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100 Common verbs in Amharic

These are the most commonly used verbs in Amharic. Please click the speaker icon to hear the pronunctiation.

Verb Amharic Pronunciation
to go መሄድ 🔈 mehaedi
to send መላክ 🔈 melak
to come መምጣት 🔈 memTat
to die መሞት 🔈 memot
to appear መታየት 🔈 metayet
to live, presence, existence መኖር 🔈 menor
to reach መድረስ 🔈 medires
to ask መጠየቅ 🔈 meTeyeq
to add መጨመር 🔈 meCHemer
that is, that is to say, namely, it means ማለት 🔈 malet
to get ማግኘት 🔈 magñet
to feel ስሜት 🔈 smaet
to become መሆን 🔈 mehon
to leave መልቀቅ 🔈 melqeq
to look መመልከት 🔈 memelket
to report መመዝገብ 🔈 memezgeb
to learn መማር 🔈 memar
to lead መምራት 🔈 memrat
to seem መምሰል 🔈 memsel
to try መሞከር 🔈 memoker
to understand መረዳት 🔈 meredat
to walk መራመድ 🔈 meramed
to help መርዳት 🔈 merdat
to run መሮጥ 🔈 meroT
to pull መሳብ 🔈 mesab
to hear መስማት 🔈 mesmat
to work መስራት 🔈 mesrat
to give መስጠት 🔈 mesTet
to sell መሸጥ 🔈 mesheT
to sit መቀመጥ 🔈 meqemeT
to change መቀየር 🔈 meqeyer
to continue መቀጠል 🔈 meqeTel
to cut መቁረጥ 🔈 mequreT
to stay መቅረት 🔈 meqret
to stand መቆም 🔈 meqom
to wait መቆየት 🔈 meqoyet
to turn መታጠፍ 🔈 metaTef
to talk መናገር 🔈 menager
to move መንቀሳቀስ 🔈 menqesaqes
to tell መንገር 🔈 menger
to happen መከሰት 🔈 mekeset
to follow መከተል 🔈 meketel
to pay መክፈል 🔈 mekfel
to open መክፈት 🔈 mekfet
to decide መወሰን 🔈 mewesen
to take መውሰድ 🔈 mewsed
to fall መውደቅ 🔈 mewdeq
to like መውደድ 🔈 mewded
to hold መያዝ 🔈 meyaz
to begin መጀመር 🔈 mejemer
to build መገንባት 🔈 megenbat
to buy መግዛት 🔈 megzat
to kill መግደል 🔈 megdel
to use መጠቀም 🔈 meTeqem
to suggest መጠቆም 🔈 meTeqom
to keep መጠበቅ 🔈 meTebeq
to call መጥራት 🔈 meTrat
to play መጫወት 🔈 meCHawet
to write መፃፍ 🔈 metsaf
to want መፈለግ 🔈 mefeleg
to let መፍቀድ 🔈 mefqed
to create መፍጠር 🔈 mefTer
to pass ማለፍ 🔈 malef
to believe ማመን 🔈 mamen
to bring ማምጣት 🔈 mamTat
to meet ማሟላት 🔈 mamalat
to think ማሰብ 🔈 maseb
to show ማሳየት 🔈 masayet
to raise ማሳደግ 🔈 masadeg
to put ማስቀመጥ 🔈 masqemeT
to remember ማስታወስ 🔈 mastawes
to win ማሸነፍ 🔈 mashenef
to provide ማቅረብ 🔈 maqreb
to read ማንበብ 🔈 manbeb
to include ማካተት 🔈 makatet
to know ማወቅ 🔈 maweq
to spend ማውጣት 🔈 mawTat
to set ማዘጋጀት 🔈 mazegajet
to see ማየት 🔈 mayet
to grow ማደግ 🔈 madeg
to do ማድረግ 🔈 madreg
to serve ማገልገል 🔈 magelgel
to lose ማጣት 🔈 maTat
to love ማፍቀር 🔈 mafqer