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Amahric personal pronouns

There are 10 types of pronouns in the Amharic language, each can be used in place of specific nouns naming people, places and things.

Amharic Pronunciation English meaning
እኔ Ene I
አንተ Ante You (male)
አንቺ Anchi You (female)
እርስዎ Erswo You (formal)
እሱ Esu He
እሷ Esua She
እሳቸው Esachew He/She (formal)
እኛ Egna We
እናንተ Enante You (plural)
እነሱ Enesu They

Amharic pronouns examples

I went to the store.
እኔ ወደ ሱቅ ሄጃለው::

If you weren't here, it would've been hard alone.
አንተ ባትኖር ይክብደኝ ነበር ብቻዬን::

You are my wife.
አንቺ የኔ ሚስት ነሽ::

I would like your advice. (Elderly)
የእርስዎን ምክር እፈልጋለው::

He studied hard but still failed the test.
እሱ ቢያጠናም አላለፈም ፈተናውን::

She went to her mother's house.
እሷ ሄዳለች ወደ እናቷ ቤት::

It's better if he/she rests. (Elderly)
እሳቸው ትንሽ እረፍት ቢያደርጉ መልካም ነው::

We were everywhere looking for you guys.
እናንተን ፍለጋ አገር ስንዞር ነበር::

We want to register for classes.
እኛ ለትምህርት መመዝገብ እንፈልጋለን::

Why don't they eat.
እነሱ ለምን እራት አይበሉም?